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Vision Statement:  Sadhana USA creates caring, directed, and affordable programs for children that develop personal and community awareness, spiritual altruism, and share of gifts with peers and the next generation. Programs supplement existing models of instruction with peer and teacher instruction that facilitate wisdom and healthy lifestyles, and personal qualities of enthusiasm, contentment, confidence, generosity, mutual respect and persistence.

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Goals: The goals for Sadhana USA cover a broad range of interconnected issues that engage the whole person as an individual and within the group, where one builds upon the other to create a network of strengths.

This includes a focus on developing:

(1) understanding and discipline in four critical areas:

Somatic Skills (core strength, agility, speed and  fitness),

Spiritual Awareness (increase understanding of own personal God, Values and how our positive or negative thoughts and deeds affect us, others, and society at large),

Societal Service (getting more by giving more within interdependent communities, while also serving as peer mentors),

Supplemental Scholastics (peer mentoring, tutoring, critical and creative thinking and enrichment classes);

(2) a sense of inclusion and tolerance toward others, unifying communities across traditional boundaries of religion, socio-economic standing, racial differences, geography and age;

(3) Contentment, self-worth, and loving kindness, increasing our member’s awareness of non-material goals while learning and sharing effective daily strategies to accomplish these goals;  

(4) hope, inspiration, and perseverance within the many challenges children and teens face including but not limited to obesity, as well as management and resource challenges faced by Sadhana USA in maintaining efforts to develop a sustaining organization that is able to grow and create new facilities.