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Testimonials from members and parents

"I originally came to Sadhana hoping to improve my speed and strength for the upcoming football season.  It benefited me in other ways because it helped me control my breathing and helps me get less connected to my ego and more connected to my spirituality.  I’ve learned from my time at Sadhana that the ego can be good sometimes like when you need to push yourself to get better and other times it can make you feel bad because you didn’t win or something, or get the most trophies."

Zane M. - 5th grade member, after three months of attendance

"I think it's cool that we get the chance to serve the community and help others, but at the same time hang out with friends while getting better mentally and athletically."

Mitchell A. - 7th grade member

"Sadhana USA and the dedication of its founder, Kyle Ochs, has benefited our son tremendously.  Not only has he benefited from the excellent athletic training; more importantly he has benefited from the mental, emotional, and social lessons that Sadhana USA provides.  The opportunities to serve the community and to become a more well rounded young person have been very valuable.  We would recommend Sadhana USA to any parent that is looking see their son/daughter reach their potential in terms of mind, body, and spirit."

Chris and Stephanie Ayers - Member Parents since 2011

"Both our children have benefitted greatly from Sadhana USA.  It’s had a positive impact on our children’s confidence and behavior both in school and outside our home.  We see Sadhana USA as a critical developmental tool for our children and many others.  Our kids look forward to every event and often ask to bring friends.  We feel all families can benefit from their programs."

Brett & Kara Dean - Member Parents since 2011

"Sadhana USA offers excellent opportunities to better ourselves physically, spiritually, and by giving back to the community!  By coupling physical fitness and team games with service projects I feel Sadhana USA has given our Son a wonderful life experience this summer.  In our busy world today, it is easy to fall short on being active and giving back to the community.  Sadhana USA really captures these important aspects in order to provide fitness training in combination with volunteering to help the community; a truly powerful experience!"

Sarah Nabinger and Alex Pierson - Members since 2013

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