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Testimonials from organizations served by Sadhana Members!

"Kyle and his assistants showered the Dayspring children and
staff with professional services that we dared to imagine at the beginning of the process. From introduction to the last session of workouts I was encouraged by the zeal that Kyle had for homeless children to live healthier and productive lives. Sadhana USA showed Camp Discovery staff and children what it meant to serve with honor. They were always on time and eager to get right to work. Dayspring children were shown the importance of working together as a team, as well as, the aspect that winning was not the goal of every game. Kyle modeled what a dedicated and sincere father is to his own children, as well as, children in the community.  His smile and handshake proved that this non-for-profit organization was more to him than just something to do. I enjoyed working with the Sadhana USA group in Indianapolis Indiana. I would highly recommend this team to any organization willing to receive the best
services around at no cost to the participants."

Chaunte St. James - Summer Camp Coordinator                        www.dayspringindy.org

"I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I was always super impressed with your kids and their willingness to do whatever we asked of them.  They were polite, disciplined and hard workers.  You are doing wonderful work and you should be very proud!   Thank you again for everything.  I hope we can find more ways to partner in the future."

Jayette Horan - Volunteer Coordinator - peacelearningcenter.org

"Sadhana USA has been such a great addition to our volunteer program. When Kyle and the kids walk through our door, our Guests experience the type of joy that only a child can bring.  The kids are always so polite and eager to help in any way possible and it is evident that Kyle truly cares for the personal growth and future of each person that he is entrusted with."

Candace Preston - Volunteer Coordinator - joyshouse.org

Testimonials from volunteers!

I like the variety of kids I am able to interact with when I volunteer with Sadhana. Some kids (members) I have met and have an opportunity to get to know better, others I get to meet for the first time.
I like that each experience has similar goals but is always going to be a unique experience.  It is great being able to volunteer with an organization like Sadhana yet simultaneously have the opportunity to serve as a part of the Sadhana team at another organization. It is a little more giving...at the same time. More out of every minute when you can help two organizations at one time.  I also enjoy the members and watching them experience the day and hearing from them what they like or witnessed or noticed or learned. It helps to enhance my own experience!

Amy Weber - Volunteer Since 2011

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