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All Change is made possible by people!

Sadhana USA has a team of people that advocate for and execute our mission on a daily basis:

Managment Team:

Kyle Talking With 3 Children 2011

Kyle Ochs is the founder of Sadhana USA.  A life long entreprenuer has now focused his attention on the non profit sector as he leads an organization on a developmental journey that will enrich the lives of all the people that come in contact with Sadhana USA.  

Member Families:

The driving force behind each Sadhana facility are the member families that routinely attend our  many programs.  As guideposts to our Advisory Boards, our members lead lives of continuous improvement and this energy, permeates all aspects of the Sadhana culture.  


Cropped John Juerling Serving At Shelter 2

Everyone is busy!  This makes the donation of time a precious resource.  From board members to high school students...volunteer coaches to grandparents, Sadhana facilites would not be able to
rovide the enthusiastic, disciplined environment to our members without our volunteers


Franchising is a bit unusual in the non profit sector but can effectively ensure that the leader of each facility is fully vested in creating a safe, rewarding experience for ever member that attends programming at their facility.  Social entreprenuers are a growing segment of the population and Sadhana USA's mission will be accomplished on a daily basis by our franchise locations all over the world.  

Corporate Sponsors:

Our corporate sponsors are some of the best in their respective industries and yet want to do more than provide a tremendous value to their customers.  Our corporate sponsors understand the value of social capital and the importance of community investment.  Their donations can support both the local facilities as well as Sadhana USA.

Individual Donors:

The early years of Sadhana USA were made possible through determination and the kindness of a handful of individual donors.  Sometimes these families choose to remain anonymous but the impact their donation of resources has, is anything but anonymous.

Foundation Donors:

As the footprint of facilities grows outside of Indianapolis, Sadhana USA will be in a unique position to impact change in many areas like childhood obesity, tolerance and societal compassion.  We will need the support of local and national foundations to impact these areas of need.