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The success of Sadhana USA programs will be monitored by routine evaluations made by staff/volunteers and regular questionnaires and informal discussions to solicit feedback from members to help improve services and facilitate continual support in all areas:

Somatic Skills: Establish baseline for each member in a broad range of strength, speed and endurance drills and then improve their performance scores annually.

Spiritual Awareness: Reveal and capture the positive effects of increased spiritual awareness through art, videos, member essays, and parental surveys.

Service: Increase the total number of community volunteer hours served by members annually for next 10 years.

Scholastics: Increase the total number of members who finish high school with good grades and continue their formal education into college during next 10 years.

Additional indicators of success

1). Celebrate member loyalty while reducing member turnover annually for the next 10 years;
2). Use every opportunity to make and maintain personal connections with members so they know we care;
3). Learn, practice and role model our core values during all types of program offerings;
4). Increase members’ understanding of their own emotions and how best to control  or correct them;
5). Be prudent when consuming precious resources (time, talent, and treasures). Deliver maximum shareholders value with the fewest resources possible;
6). Keep all five Board s filled with energetic-thought leaders focused on the continual improvement of our curriculum;
7). Develop a wide range of media for curriculum delivery to address the broad range of ages and topics;
8). Balance the celebration of accomplishing goals with the discipline of setting new ones; and
9). Incorporate written safety protocols into every program, with a goal of zero preventable incidents annually.