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Somatic Skills (45% of time): Quick Foot Action With Big Kids

Family members interested in competitive athletics or want to increase the activity level of their children can benefit from speed, agility and strength drills at less than a quarter of the cost of traditional speed training programs.  Competitive athletics are starting earlier and earlier.  For most families, formal fitness training is too expensive to consider sending one child, much less two and more.  Teaching the proper form to a child is important, but being sure the child has the opportunity and discipline to practice the movements over time is of greater importance to long-term gains in fitness, speed and athleticism.

Societal Service (25% of time): 

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Our culture has become increasingly egocentric.  As advertising messages, lack of role models, and the sensationalism of news molds our kids, Sadhana USA wants to provide a message of stewardship.  Many programs will offer information/opportunities/encouragement to members on ways to give back.  Helping children understand the value in serving parents, siblings and/or the community will combat the consumerism and instant gratification they are being taught through media.  By helping children understand the need/benefits to serving family, nature and community, Sadhana USA hopes to slow the impact of materialism and emphasize core values of helping others in need.

Stimulate Spirituality (15% of time): 

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Sadhana is a term used by some Eastern traditions to describe the practices of an individual as they travel toward a spiritual goal.  Along this journey, individuals may stop, get lost, or even quit all together.  Each person’s spiritual journey is unique, as life experiences sculpt our outlook on the interconnected nature of existence.  Sadhana USA facilities will welcome every individual regardless of their spiritual or secular practices.  Our facilities will not be used for worship, and our staff /volunteers will not advocate for religion of any kind.  Sadhana USA will nurture our members by serving those in need, experiencing nature, practicing meditative breathing, and appreciating the blessings while supporting one another through struggles.  In addition to teaching values like discipline, enthusiasm, compassion, forgiveness, and contentment, we will use terms like God, Source, Love, and Energy as a way of encouraging our members to be aware of things beyond the ego and the material world.  Spiritual curriculum will always be made public, and alternate activities (homework help, art activities) will be provided during this component. 

Supplemental Scholastics (15% of time): 

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Sadhana USA members are a blend of private and public school students.  Therefore it is understood that they are receiving traditional instruction on reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Sadhana USA facilities can be utilized to offer specialized tutoring and peer mentoring to facilitate the success of our members in their classrooms.  As the agenda of schools evolve and budgets are reallocated, often good enrichment opportunities are being removed from the normal school day.  Areas like music, science, history and art are often not able to be fully explored because of time and or budget restraints.  Sadhana USA can help member families by supplementing the scholastic experience with additional programming.  These include trips to museums, lectures by experts in their field of study, video presentations, creative activities, and development of critical thinking skills as our members explore their own world.