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Elite Sport Specific Training: 

Specialist in every sport will be identified and encouraged to offer training sessions to our member base at a reduced rate.  These specialists currently include:  Look for these one hour clinics to follow our strength and speed classes. 

*  Hitting, Pitching (Boys and Girls) and Catching Coaches

*  Quarterback, Defensive Back, Wide Receiver, Offensive and Defensive Line Football Coaches

*  Functional Flexibility Coach


From Side Cole Leaves Bags With Tyler Watching

*  Hockey Instructors

The goal of Elite Sport Specific Training is to allow members to deepen their understanding of the specific demands of a sport without having to travel to another location or research all the possible options.

Zayd Throwing With Tyler Watching

Personal Training: Facility staff training individuals to accomplish specific goals. These members could be children but could also be parents or guardians of our member children.  In addition to trainers on staff, outside personal trainers could bring their clients to our gym in lieu of maintaining their own gym.