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The Problem

Modern society moves fast, and seems to speed up from one generation to the next. As technology “liberates” us from some mundane chores, the fast food restaurant may represent the direction our country is headed: short stops that seem cheap and convenient but are costly on many levels. People wake up early, skip breakfast and race to a day of multi-tasking, hit the drive-through for a quick bite, and run errands before heading to stores or home to TV and a little family time. Self-awareness and service to others is taking a back seat to consumerism and selfishness, with far-reaching negative impacts. So as people face their careers, responsibilities and complexities of life, it can be difficult to reflect, nurture, restore or deepen their relationships with others, or boost their own health, confidence and spirit, and their own sense of God. Also, research has shown that children may overcome serious problems in their personal life if there is one solid mentor who offers love, empathy and psychological shelter to that child. In cases where children are in trouble at home or in the school, Sadhana USA hopes to ameliorate unfortunate personal settings and experiences, as well as the angst, confusion and adjustment challenges common to adolescents and teens. 

Certainly, it is our children who bear the brunt of this lifestyle. Media packages life into convenient sound bites and pound them with millions of messages to look, buy or become rich and beautiful—a thin person, a model, a sports icon, a movie star, a millionaire. Meanwhile, their lives are becoming sedentary. Virtual reality is more accessible than a neighborhood game of kickball. Childhood obesity is on a scary upward trajectory, yet most adults don’t have the time or knowledge to role-model proper exercise and diet habits. Traditional family structures are also changing, where a rise in divorce, where parents have long days or distances from work, and single parents or guardians who are often short on time, money or energy to adequately enrich their children’s lives. Economic factors continue to challenge parents to work longer and harder, sacrificing precious time with their children. And quality after-school, weekend or holiday programs are often too expensive for families who have other priorities for their paychecks.

Our Solution

Sadhana USA facilities are dynamic volunteer-enhanced communities where children are provided with caring and affordable programs that augment their teachers, family members, coaches, and mentors. Our circuit-based training program is designed to stimulate each child’s body, mind and spirit individually and as a group. Our goal is to reduce TV and computer time, nervous energy and insecurity, and egocentric thinking by increasing physical exercise, interpersonal skills, connection to nature, contemplation and understanding of our interlocking world and human nature, where helping others along with self-development becomes a gratification as well as a chosen responsibility. We achieve this goal by offering instruction and engagement of a healthy lifestyle in four key areas:

Somatic Skills:                                  Core strength, speed and agility training

Spiritual Awareness:                       Increase contemplation of values and one’s own sense of God

Societal Service:                              Receiving and becoming more by giving more

Supplemental Scholastics:             Critical thinking, peer mentoring and enrichment

In short, Sadhana USA instructors, members and volunteers help both parents and children to become the best version of themselves, while understanding the benefits of being part of a supportive community.