Other Programs

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Parent’s Night Out: 

Grabbing Balls In Dodgeball 2011

Designed to provide parents with time while their children experience a workout for their body, mind and spirit.  Priced slightly above the cost of an in-home babysitter, the program is affordable and delivers a balanced experience for children K -12.  The PNO program contains 80 minutes of Skills training, 30 minutes of Spiritual practice and 40 minutes of Active play.  (healthy snacks and water are provided) See Video

Intergenerational Classes: Youth members lead fitness classes with adults and seniors from the community.  These classes help keep both generations active but also provide opportunites for the wisdom of elders to be handed down to our children.  In addition public classes, Sadhana facilities will tailor family classes where parent and child can experience a fitness routine together simultaneously. 

Lock Ins: Ranging from multi hour to overnight in length, these fun events would focus on strengthening the bonds between members.  Experiencing local, interesting venues as well as organized activities in our own gym will ensure a balance enrichment experience for our members. 

Open House:  Routinely, Sadhana facilities will open to the public and its members to celebrate the accomplishments of our members and raise awareness of our services to the public. These social programs will be themed events and enrich the attendees with musical and artistic presentations.